Corporate Environmental Responsibility


We provide alternative system solutions in the field of surface technology with a special focus on sustainability and Occupational Safety and Health, without impairing efficiency.
Many companies and organizations all around the world has accepted the idea that, as global citizens, they have a responsibility to reduce their carbon foot print and improve their environmental performance.
Our products at Titan Green are tested, certified and manufactured with
research and expertise providing companies in the Oil and Gas, Energy,
Construction, Automotive, Food, Pharmaceutical, Agriculture and Aviation industries the perfect solution and the right opportunity to disregard toxic agents used in their facilities and substitute them with green and environmentally safe agents with an equal cleaning impact.
The awareness of the environmental impacts of company operations, and of the need to take action to minimize these risks has developed drastically over the last two decades. Implementing environmental measures not only improves the reputation and integrity of the company but also adds to their corporate environmental responsibility.
With the special characteristics of our cleaning systems and cleaners we assume responsibility for protecting the environment and our society. Below you will find an overview of these characteristics:
Nature Boost Nature Boost cleaners focus on optimal performance, employee protection and reduction of environmental impacts. They are based on renewable raw materials, and their excellent dissolving powers make them especially suitable for strong greases, oils, adhesives and also paint and inks.

VOC-free, VOC-reduced
In the development and manufacturing of our products we pay close attention to developing and manufacturing VOC-free or VOC-reduced products. In plenty of applications, the water-based cleaners can replace solvents completely. For a variety of highly volatile solvents we offer alternatives for fulfilling the reduction schedule. Reduction of hazardous substances with efficient systems and non-hazardous products, we manage to optimize the processes at our customers’. In spite of the cleaning being non-hazardous, the quality of the cleaning result is maintained. No more time-consuming, costly handling of hazardous substances. Hazardous substances warehouses, hazardous substances training’s, and compiling operating and instruction manuals are no longer required. The employees’ health and the environment are protected. Even apprentices are allowed to handle the products. NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) registration. In addition, a number of our cleaners that may be used in the foodstuffs industry have also been granted approval by the NSF, which means they are registered and approved at international level. NSF International is an independent non-profit organization for product tests und certifications that was founded in the US and that lays down standards for a wide range of household- and industrial products. The NSF registration gives users and inspection officials peace of mind that our products comply with the food safety regulations.